Why A Big YES, If You’re Planning For A Trek And Confused?

Friends you make at mountains will soon become your real and best friends.

Founder of INVINCIBLE NGO, says this. And also justified it clearly how it is so. Let’s dive into it and know it why.

Actually, that is one of the aha moments I’ve just shared with you.

If you are confused whether to book tickets for trekking or not, then look at my nodded face with a big YES. And if you’ve already nodded face along with me, then same pinch, it means you’ve also enjoyed trekking, don’t you?

Trekking was a fascinating experience and it was my best decision ever. I’d love to share this full-fledged adventure with a story. How excited are you?

I was fully prepared with my two heavy luggages. At night, we reached our first base-camp. Tents were already pitched.

I never knew a natural, real, adventurous trekking would be done by spending night inside a foldable tent.

No I’m not talking about the one with luxurious facilities, but one with a capacity of only 3-4 or 5-6 persons — depending upon tent size — who can sleep. For the staying purpose only.

Also, when you join an agency of a trekking camp who organises this, then you can easily relate that bathing is never concluded in their prioritised list.

Maybe once a 2–3 days, you clean yourself, but the main criteria is to enjoy the adventurous treks.

And if it’s winter, then just forget about bathing, because you know how freezy it feels when you pour a mug of cold water on your chest. Hee, yee!

However, trekking schedule must follow-through in a punctual and a disciple way to experience it’s highest level.

In such a dilemma, any person has to give up on their comfort-zone for it. This is how I get to know and understand the following about trekking and comfort-zone.

Inspires Your Laziness To Overcome.

Trekking camps pushes you to lose your comfort-zone with

  • adapting situations
  • living with least facilities
  • a tight-schedule

Meeting New People

When I was in class — 12, my school went unfair to not adding the school-trip.

So, me and my friends have decided to plan a trip for the coming vacation.

But it failed, we didn’t plan. Fortunately, we came to a decision on the next-year’s vacation, and we booked our tickets for Dalhousie.

To be frank, I made up my mind not to go after unnecessary talks with any fellow other than my circle of crazy friends.

“So, from the first day of trek to the last, we are a family of adventurous mountains, with discipline, following the rules and bonding with everyone, let’s start this journey.” the local-guide instructed.

I failed to keep myself that commitment, yet I’m blessed with this.

Wait…why? With communicating with various people, I get to know a lot more than I haven’t thought of.

The founder of the NGO — Rushi Sir, has told us the statement regarding the trekking. And it hit me so hard, as I can relate that out of hell.

Friends you make at mountains will soon become your real and best friends.

And also justified with this:

When you help each other at the dead-end situations, on that point you’ve already reflected your real-self.

All of us have experienced this, infact spending entire 6–7 days with a group, do feel like another family with different cultures.

Meeting and staying with new people in this long-span, you get to know their cultures, their traditions, their languages, and a lot and a lot.

I’m so fond of asking “What do you call this in your native-language?” Personally, I love to know unique new-names for certain things.

What about you? Tell me in comments, you know now how curious I always am!

Close to Nature

The day you warm-up your leg to start your trek till the last day of schedule, you naturally tend to lose your wishes, desires of anything watching clouds, mountains, trees, different birds and you name it.

I felt the same. We literally get to understand the importance of nature. And who doesn’t want to stay close to nature?

Trekking allowed us to live an entire week in nature except for a sleep-time inside the tent.

More likely we came to a dimension of knowing that we aren’t only close to nature but we are nature already.

You can feel the keen silence, finding solace within, then to the solitude.

From silence to solace and solace to solitude, you become nature cheering a ‘WOW’ with a big broad smile.

Mobile Usage

No internet connection leads to — No use of mobile phone.

Are you feeling the same as I do? We, especially the younger generation, often get numb with ‘OH NO’ sound punching in the air.

But ever since I’ve took a plunge in trekking, it has limited my usage of mobile, and

  • I’ve turned off my notifications bars except for whatsapp.
  • Every month, I started taking a week of break from social media.

I know, I know you may come to me with:

“Hey Nirmit, what’s all such need, and besides, how did you choose to do it?”

Going to trek for the first time, at the base-camp, there was very low internet connection as if there are just towers of amplifiers but of no use.

I don’t know why and how I opened my mobile settings and turned off every notification bar excluding WhatsApp.

Later, after coming back home, I get to know how it has reduced my usage of social media with no notifications.

Because, at that time of trekking, my doors of awareness were opened for exploring places. Fortunately, it has stumbled upon this great benefit.

I’ve written it in a separate blog on this, you can read it here:

In September 2019, I joined a training camp of the same NGO, as a trainee, to become a volunteer-instructor.

I always wanted to tick off this dream from my bucket list. And I’m drooling right now for it.

After training camp, being a junior volunteer instructor, I served two camps Saputara and Polo forest.

In both of those camps, I deleted all the social platforms on mobile, temporarily for 4–5 days, to serve the volunteer-seat better; enjoying the trek altogether.

This is how it has kicked me to take social media breaks for the next camp too. And approximately from December 2020, it’s pushing me to take the break once a month.

As I’m writing daily on the various platforms for almost 2 years; break has allowed me to be more creative. And from now I love those breaks. I’m sure it’ll help you too, at least experiment it buddy!

Choosing to go for a trek was my best decision ever! Okay — let me wrap it up with a conclusion how it helped me and how it can to you, too.

Enfolding Everything For You

that trekking:

  • Empowers your mindset to — adapt situations; live with least facilities and having a tight-schedule
  • Encourages you to meet new minds, new culture, and a lot from new people.
  • Get you to know the deep essence of what actual nature is.
  • Allows you to reduce the use of mobile; pushes you to take breaks (especially social-media)

Okay thanks, see ya soon in the next topic :)

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