It was June 2012, a random Monday, 6 AM.

Ritik, monitor of a Class-6 Section B, was skimming some math formulas for the class test. Few minutes later, tying his shoelaces, he was looking at the sky. Dark clouds were gathered around. It was drizzling already.

Ritik often worries about leaving one day off. A guy who rarely misses the school, probably one or two days in a month; only and only if he’s not well or is he at his Nani’s home.

While pulling out his bicycle, the drizzling turned into a downpour of rain. Rainfall became heavier. …

What’s so unique in Brave?

Brave was released in 2012, which is Pixar’s first female protagonist film that was directed by the first female director in Pixar.

Sounds feminist? Wait, don’t jump to conclusions.

Through the character Merida (daughter of Queen Elinora) this movie tries to showcase how being an individual, a child grows up on their own (along with parents’ care of course).

And how parents worry about their kids, which sometimes may get in vain if the care turns into possessiveness.

The plot revolves around the princess Merida letting her mother (queen Elinora) believe how brave she is…

“I’m getting late, it’s okay if I don’t take tiffin to the office, they have the canteen…Mummy!” Monty shouted, tying a shoelace.

“It’s your first day of internship, atleast keep this tiffin for today, I’ve cooked poha for you, there you go, Mon!” his mother gently touched his cheek on right and handing the blue tiffin box further said, “look… take this key, maybe I’ll go to the vegetable market, so no-one will be there in the evening.’’

Monty snatched the key. And keeping the door open, he ran towards the parking zone for his bike.

Opened the bike-dicky, pulled…

In this animated movie Coco, the protagonist Miguel wants to be a musician.

Pixar’s Movie Coco

Miguel belongs to a family of shoemakers and his family hates all of those who show an interest in music even if they have a slight interest. That’s why he often hides himself from his family to play guitar. There is a scene of breaking Miguel’s guitar on finding that he had enrolled into a talent recognizing competition.

This 40 min short-film is totally based on conversations between two people. In fact two strangers.

No, not any romantic one! But two travelers.

Yogasanas Elevating The Consciousness

One knows where he’s heading towards. And another is absolutely unknown. Does the second one sound weird?

So a man, inside his car with a private driver, goes to a hotel. All of sudden he spots the boy (Durgesh) walking by the street with a cycle instead of riding.

Because the tyre of the cycle got punctured. This man gives him a lift (keeping the cycle above the carrier of his car.)

Of a very popular phrase, Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, James Randi fit so well in this documentary.

He himself knows the fact that everything about magic is to fool somebody. And someone who shows things like magic is real, then they are simply faking it and lying to you.

To debunk this idea, James Randi started exposing the fake people.

For four decades, James Randi had an eye on Uri Geller. Uri was showing that he can bend the spoon due to his psychic powers from the day he’s born.

He publicly implored him in his book “The…

It is predicted that in the next 3 decades, 30 crores Indians will be old and the question is what would happen if most of them won’t be aware of savings and investments?

This is what the main plot of short-film One Idiot is, where a funny character ‘Bugs Uncle’ describes everything very easily that how the right kind of savings helped him and why youth must be aware of this.

Img source : YouTube

Bugs uncle is a typical uncle ji type of character. College kids from their society never call him by the name but some quirky weirdo’s like bhindi, aalu. …

The idea of ‘Little Terrorist’ will remind you of Jethalal’s incident. How he crossed the Pakistan border accidentally! Oh, that episode was hilarious, by the way, isn’t it?

So, somewhere between the area at Indo-Pakistani border, Jamal, a 10-year-old Pakistani boy, plays cricket with his friends. While playing cricket, out of blue, the ball tosses over to the side of Indian border separated by a fence.

Little Terrorist: A 15 min short-film depicting culture-difference
Image by imdb

Jamal tries to find the ball crossing the fence; to the other side of the border; Indian territory. …

Which burger do you like the most? And of which brand?

Talking about brands, from toothbrushes to the fancy fashion you opt, are you aware of the brands?

We all have wants, we all have desires, to get them fulfilled. But if it is unconsciously done, unconsciously driven by anyone, then it becomes a disaster to our life.

Today we’re going to know about some glimpse of a documentary that discusses our behaviour towards needs and wants — The Century Of The Self.

The century of the self is a BBC documentary covering socio-politics. How American government implemented the use…

Has this ever wondered to you how cigarettes are still getting sold in high demand even without a single advertisement?

Very similar to that let’s have a sneak peek on the underrated documentary, The Game Changers, that explains why we are what we eat!

Watch it’s trailer here!

Basically, this documentary is an interview of more than 30 athletes who’ve turned vegan, consumes only plant-based diets. Through it all, they changed history with records.

Talking about cigarette advertisements, it has exposed this side. Shockingly, if we go back in history for the same.

The popular baseball player, Babe Ruth, of…

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